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Tile Cleaning Services

Tile Cleaning

At Chem Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning Solutions in Sarasota and Mantee Counties, we are able to clean in rooms with no carpet as well because we offer tile cleaning services. We know that cleaning tile floors by hand is hard work, messy, and uncomfortable—you have to bend down and scrub but still don’t get professional results. Our professional cleaning team will take care of tile cleaning for you. We work with the porous grout material that collects dirt, grime, and spills, which regular mopping and spot cleaning don’t reach.

We offer a safe and healthy way of cleaning your tile, using powerful citrus based cleaning solutions to scrub away years of dirt and wear. We work with any type of tile, including ceramic, stone, vinyl, porcelain, and more. Our cleaners also work in any tile area, including kitchen floors, backsplashes, tile countertops, bathroom floors, shower floors and walls, bathroom sink backsplashes, trim, and more.

Whether you need a quick overall tile cleaning or a thorough deep clean to remove set in stains and potentially years of dirt, our cleaners can adapt our services to meet your needs. Your home will look better, feel cleaner, and be free of harmful bacteria when we complete our tile cleaning services.