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Carpet Cleaning

At Chem Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning Solutions in Sarasota and Mantee Counties, we are ready to go to work on your home. We enjoy ensuring the fabrics and surfaces in your home are spotless. We take on dirty carpets and rugs and show you some cleaning magic! We offer a safe and faster solution for a cleaner home and lifestyle. Our cleaners use proven chemical free cleaning products and techniques which combine better cleaning powers and exceptional protection for your fabric, creating a sparkling clean finish. Toxin-free cleaners allow your carpet to dry in just 60 to 90 minutes versus hours with other cleaning methods.

Our process at Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Sarasota and Mantee Counties will ensure you experience a drier, cleaner, and healthier way to clean your carpets. Citrus based, all natural cleaning products which penetrate deep into carpet fibers to lift away dirt are used in every cleaning job.

We also know how to safely and effectively clean oriental and other fine rugs. Since these are small and portable, we do offer in home cleaning or pick-up and delivery service. Our cleaning team understands that these rugs are an investment, so we work hard to help you protect it. We custom design the best cleaning methods possible for each type of rug by testing and evaluating the fabric. We will care for your rugs the way they were meant to be cared for so that they will last for many years.

Other carpet cleaning services include carpet protection, deodorizing and sanitizing, and RV/vehicle carpet cleaning.